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5 Clear Business Process Management Examples

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Lauren Christiansen

By Lauren Christiansen

5 Business Process Management Examples

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Automation has impacted each sector of society. From communication to e-commerce, adapting to automated trends is the norm. More than anyone else, the business community understands how critical automation is to their success.

With robotics and workflow software, businesses can maximize efficiency and decrease bottlenecks. However, purchasing one or two automated tools isn't enough anymore. Businesses need to revamp entire processes to align with automated systems. They may even have to rework outdated business models to meet consumer needs. All of this requires a thorough knowledge of business process management.

So, what exactly is business process management? BPM solutions drill down into business processes to find inefficiencies and areas that need improvement. Nowadays, any repetitive tasks that are powered by a set of business rules can be automated. BPM may look into outdated or inefficient manual processes to see which can be automated. Or, a business process management system may remove the inefficient parts of a manual task, but now replace it with an automated system.

In short, BPM tools are critical to making sure all business processes are running efficiently. This saves money, helps reach new customers, and maximizes efficiency across the supply chain. As automation continues to evolve, BPM will too. Read ahead for the top 5 BPM examples and trends to watch out for.

1. Business Process Management Examples Robots and Automation

Robots can replicate the vast majority of repetitive tasks that once required human input. Furthermore, process automation with the help of robotics is error-free. Some experts wonder if this means that much of the labor force won't be necessary anymore.

Business process management looks at the various stakeholders who interact with a task. With fully automated processes, will companies even need to review these interactions anymore? In other words, should organizations still employ a traditional process management system? While there may come a day where robots can manage all processes, that isn't coming anytime soon. For now, humans still must interact with processes, which ensures traditional BPM is here to stay.

  • The robotic process automation market is expected to reach 11 billion by 2027
  • 53% of companies have already begun their robotic process automation journey
  • The biggest benefits of RPA are increased compliance and greater productivity
  • If trends continue to go as they are, all organizations will implement some form of RPA within 5 years

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2. Business Process Management Examples Adaptive Case Management

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BPM software seeks to maximize the efficiency of repetitive tasks to standardize processes. However, many team members interact with tasks in which the end is clear but the path to arrive there varies. This is due to the unpredictable nature of humans, and the varying ways in which they work on a task.

Employees have to respond when required to every unforeseen circumstance. As a result, business process management BPM specialists are implementing adaptive case management software.
Adaptive case management is software that enables users to alter or adjust the steps of a process at any time. This customizes processes so employees can complete their work the way they like to do it. It puts the user in control, which is a fairly new and innovative approach to BPM.

3. Business Process Management Examples Low Code Options

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It's more common for users to request low code systems or platforms that require very little coding. These systems are fully automated, using drag and drop features rather than complex coding language. This enables users to easily navigate platforms, which helps businesses improve task management.

As a result, more companies seek these customizable solutions to optimize project management. Case studies even show that low code automated tools maximize efficiency and improve client relationships. So, what does this mean for business process management? Many BPM vendors now offer updated software with low-code platforms to meet business needs.

4. Business Process Management Examples Collaborative Tools

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Collaborative tools that enable easy data sharing are critical in the business world. These are particularly relevant and useful to business management software systems. For example, notifications on BPM software can reduce emails and other ineffective communications.

Furthermore, more solutions like Chatbox optimize relationships between the customer and customer service. It also decreases a lot of the employee workload, which maximizes efficiency. Organizations can expect more BPM providers to offer Chatbox services along with a BPM solution. This eliminates a lot of the mundane, repetitive tasks that get in the way of effective collaboration.

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5. Business Process Management Examples Contract Management

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It's meticulous and expensive to manually validate contracts and ensure compliance. It is also ripe for human error and requires a lot more work from employees. Cloud-based process management software works with centralized data management to minimize these problems.

Content creation can now all be automated, including the required paperwork from the legal team. This streamlines the onboarding process for new suppliers and makes it easy to update or add new items to existing contracts. With features that optimize pricing and populate relevant contract terms, organizations can save a lot of resources. As compliance grows more complex, more companies will invest in BPM solutions that streamline contract management.

Key Takeaways for Business Process Management Examples

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In conclusion, here are the top five examples of business process management -

  • A management system will still require humans to interact with processes, even as robotics become more popular.
  • Adaptive case management will become the norm as more users want customizable BPM solutions to complete processes.
  • Workflow management platforms are increasingly low code. This makes it easy for employees to navigate BPM software, which maximizes efficiency.
  • Collaborative tools that enable easy workflow automation are more popular. This makes it easy for employees to share data and complete tasks. Furthermore, any BPM solution that streamlines contract completion is critical to saving money and resources.

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