How can Zip Clock help the companies attending Yadav Enterprises Inc.

When it comes to workforce management and trying to regulate employee time and attendance, management often finds themselves struggling to maintain payroll accuracy while dissolving time log discrepancies. And with the various ways to account for each employee’s clock in/out time, is it really fair to blame them?

With advancements in technology and automated practices to keep the team at bay, it’s important for Yadav Enterprises Inc. to consider alternative workforce management solutions. That’s where Zip Clock can help.

Communication in the Workplace

Top Areas That Are Hurting Yadav Enterprises Inc. the Most

1. Lack of Effective Workforce Management

An obvious but seemingly overlooked area where many companies neglect is the simple are of proper instruction. How can employees follow the rules when they lack direction, right?

Onboarding Policies and Procedures

In order to improve time and attendance and encouraging overall punctuality, it’s wildly important to communicate the rules in black and white. This is a step that should be first covered in the onboarding process, ensuring this area was covered from a checklist.

When explaining the policies, ensure that Yadav Enterprises Inc. employees understand all of the rules and regulations, as well as the consequences if any such rules are broken. Your team must understand that the company takes time and attendance seriously.

This is also a great opportunity to cover break periods, lunchtime policies, employee scheduling, and PTO (paid time off). Encouraging employees to take part in self-service instills maturity and responsibility.

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2. Improper Use of the Employee Time Clock

Whether the company utilizes punch cards, time stamps, digital time clocks, or any other method to track employee clock in/out times, you will want to make sure that each member of the team fully understands how to use the time clock.

Fact Checking

This is something that should be covered in orientation, however, it would be beneficial to both employees and employers, to hold annual refresher courses. In doing so, no one can settle on the excuse that he/she did not know how to properly record the time worked.

The silent killer within most workspaces is due to the unfortunate act of “buddy punching.” In the event one employee cannot clock in on time, he/she will request that a fellow coworker/friend who is physically present at work clock in on his/her behalf.

Often times, this is a result of employees fearing the consequences of being tardy to a shift more-so than cheating the system. Regardless, it does happen, and businesses lose millions per year as a result. Don’t let Yadav Enterprises Inc. falls victim to this.

How Zip Clock Will Help Yadav Enterprises Inc.

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1. Improve Employee Time & Attendance

With Zip Clock, the automated time tracking system ensures accuracy for each employee’s time log. Any employee who is showing a lack of punctuality – especially on a consistent basis – will be on the radar, as all hours worked are activated once an employee clock in for a shift and ceases once an employee clocks out for a shift.

2. Streamlined Accuracy

Zip Clock tracks all employees’ time punches, as well as when any edits are applied. This is beneficial because the system will not only highlight workers who are notoriously late, but it will also focus on any manager or managers who continue to let these tardies slide by unscathed. The time clock software can also be set to allow employees to edit previous punches within the current payroll period independently, with all edits are subject to manager approval.

This also assists with payroll management by factoring in the correct amount of extra pay or decreased pay to avoid potential labor law violations and lawsuits.

3. Budget Tracking

Because of the advanced data analytics system, Zip Clock records each team member’s total hours worked on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. This feature makes it more apparent in recognizing employees who are continuously working into overtime, as well as how much is being spent on labor costs during a selected time.

With access to this data, workforce management is in control of staying within budget limitations, as well as cutting down on wage overspend.

4. Employee Accountability

Whether budding teenagers or seasoned adults, every team member must take accountability for their attendance.

Zip Checklist allows users. both employees. and management. to communicate through the use of the internal commenting feature. so if any party needs clarification. this can be carried out through the mobile application in real-time. This not only fosters a stronger community within the organization but promotes improved employee productivity. as well.

Because Zip Clock makes each employee’s timesheet digitally accessible to each user, all staff members will be in the know when it comes to time and attendance.

Tracking, as well as reviewing employee time worked, is important when it comes to the reduction and hopefully the elimination of tardiness. Without knowing who’s chronically late, it would be impossible to take corrective action steps.