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The Value Behind Using Employee Scheduling Software

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Hanh Truong

By Hanh Truong

Introduction to Employee Scheduling Software

All types of businesses have the big responsibility of employee scheduling. From retail stores and restaurants to manufacturing plants and hospitals, employees from these establishments need designated work hours and days. A perfect scheduling system generally entails accommodating employee availability, ensuring labor compliance, and controlling labor cost. This, however, requires a lot of time and energy to complete. Therefore, companies are increasingly adopting employee scheduling software to streamline their business.

What is Employee Scheduling Software All About?

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Employee scheduling software is a digital solution that can automate and simplify shift assignments and planning. The system will make it easier for managers to delineate what hours and days in week staff members are expected to come into work. Depending on the business, the interface will also indicate specific worksites, if the company has multiple locations.

The best employee scheduling systems commonly have advanced features. Operators can leverage specific modules to enhance their operations and productivity. Some of the top capabilities most schedulers have include the following.

  • Auto Scheduling - The software automatically manages employee availability, labor compliance, and budgets to generate smart suggestions for scheduling.
  • Mobile Apps - The software can typically run on mobile devices via an app.
  • In-App Schedule Management - Employees and managers can manage and adjust their schedules through the app. There are options for shift swaps, time-off requests, and availability changes.
  • Cloud Capabilities - The scheduling software runs on the cloud, meaning managers can use any laptop, desktop, or mobile device to create schedules.
  • Time Tracking - The time tracking and time clock feature of scheduling systems allow for enhanced time management. Users can set timers and gauge how far along their project completion is.
  • Task Management - Management can set up tasks and duties for employees through this module.

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The Benefits of Using Scheduling Software

Managers of businesses need to equip their operations with the right scheduling software. Doing so will maximize their profitability and make workforce management easier. The following are other benefits operators can experience with scheduling software.

Enhance Productivity

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With modules, such as time-tracking and time clocks, managers can monitor employee productivity. Staff members can assess how their time management skills are, as well, and hold themselves accountable to be more productive.

Streamline Employee Processes

The latest workforce scheduling software has integration capabilities. A feature as such allows users to sync the scheduler with other business systems such as payroll software. Managers can leverage this opportunity and make payroll processes and employee compensation simpler and faster.

Online employee scheduling software that makes shift planning effortless.
Try it free for 14 days.

Decrease Employee Turnover

Online schedulers ensure fewer scheduling conflicts and errors. In turn, employees will feel more satisfied knowing that their time is valued and that they are properly scheduled. By building trust and fairness in the workplace in this way, there will be less turnover.

Empower Employees

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Job satisfaction will increase further with digital scheduling systems because it empowers employees to manage their own schedule. They can request time off or swap shifts whenever they want remotely. Staff can build their schedules to their liking and create a work-life balance.

Easily Manage Remote Employees

With the mobile app compatibility, managers can easily track remote employees' work hours and productivity. All the staffer needs to do is log in their hours via the app or clock in and out using the time clock. This reduces the need for managers to consistently check in on their employees to see if they are doing their work.

Real-Time Alerts

Users can customize software alerts for their smartphones or desktops. Employees, for example, can create shift reminders and notifications for when new schedules are published. Managers, on the other hand, can configure alerts to inform them when they have uncovered shifts or if the schedule is understaffed based on forecasts.

Control Overtime

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Paying employees over time can significantly impact a business's bottom line. With scheduling apps, the system will alert managers when a team member is scheduled over 40 hours per week. It will also suggest employees who are available to take the shift.

Quick Scheduling

The automation technology in the scheduling tool will enable managers to create schedules in minutes. The system also provides schedule templates and is equipped with an easy-to-use interface. With most platforms, users will only need to drag and drop employee names to a specific time slot.

Key Takeaways to Employee Scheduling Software

  • Employee scheduling software is an online scheduling tool that automates and simplifies the shift planning and assignment process.
  • Online systems for scheduling also have other features, such as task management and cloud capabilities.
  • Businesses of all functions can reap benefits from scheduling software.
  • The most common benefits include boosted employee morale, quick scheduling, and controlled over time.

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