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The Benefits of an Online Work Schedule

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Hanh Truong

By Hanh Truong

Introduction to Online Work Schedule

An online work schedule system is the latest technology tool to optimize business processes. With these solutions, operators no longer have to spend hours in their office shifting through employee availabilities and budgets. Instead, they can manage employee preferences, costs, and automatically create schedules online in minutes. These digital tools also have other advantageous features that business operators can leverage, such as mobile app compatibility and schedule templates.

The Benefits of Using Online Work Scheduling

Traditionally, employee scheduling entailed handwriting calendars, manual data entry, and working on spreadsheets. This process was prone to errors and also had barriers to accessibility. For instance, managers had to either send schedules via email or post them in the establishment's break room. This meant employees had to go to their workplace to see their schedules and oftentimes miss out on the latest scheduling updates.

An online work scheduling tool eliminates this inaccessibility by allowing managers to create schedules remotely. Employees can also review the most up-to-date schedule right from their phones at any time. The following are other key benefits of using employee scheduling software systems.

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Cloud-Based Capabilities

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Online schedules are accessible to users through any mobile device, laptop, or desktop. Since the system is cloud-based, all the user needs is a reliable Internet connection. This capability allows managers and employees to review schedules and make adjustments anytime and anywhere.

Mobile App

The best employee scheduling software has mobile app compatibility. Users can download the app and access the software's modules right through their smartphones. This allows for on-the-go workforce management and simplifies the scheduling process.

In-App Shift Management

Online schedulers will have modules for shift swapping, picking up shifts, changing availabilities, and requesting time off. Employees can manage these changes on their phones and take charge of their own schedules. Since they have access to the schedule, they can also easily find coverage for their shifts.

Online employee scheduling software that makes shift planning effortless.
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Access to Actionable Insights

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The online scheduling tool will automatically collect valuable data insights regarding, employees, productivity, labor spending, and forecasts. Managers can use this information and improve their scheduling processes. For example, they can access their labor cost trends and strategize ways to cut shifts for non-peak hours. Executives can also generate reports from these metrics and share them with key stakeholders.

Smart Suggestions

Most digital schedulers are equipped with automation technology and can provide smart suggestions for scheduling. It can recommend top-performing and experienced employees for busy shifts. The scheduling system can also prevent overstaffing and understaffing, using historical sales data and labor forecasts. This will effectively protect the business's bottom line and help promote a productive work environment for employees.

Enhance Team Communication

One of the top features of online employee schedulers is its team communication systems. Usually, in the form of group chats and direct messaging, this module enables employees and employers to interact and relay information with one another. Managers can share key updates, such as schedule changes and new hours of operation to staff. And employees can send questions and receive answers within minutes.

Guarantee Labor Law Compliance

The latest scheduling systems will have labor law compliance alerts. Management can also set up specific labor law standards and company policies within their digital schedulers. The tool will then notify the schedule maker whenever they are non-compliant. For example, it will send alerts when an employee is scheduled overtime or if a staffer is not scheduled for a break.

Third-Party Integrations

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Scheduling software can typically be integrated into third-party business systems, such as payroll, human resources, and point-of-sale (POS) services. With integrations, managers can significantly streamline business processes. For instance, the workhour data from the scheduler can be sent instantly to payroll for employee compensation. Businesses also can sync their scheduling software to the POS system to use the time clock and track employee productivity.

Enhance Employee Accountability

Employees have access to their latest schedules via the scheduling software. This means they can hold themselves accountable and be at work on time. Additionally, with the built-in communication tools, they will always be on the same page and in the loop about updates. By boosting accountability, management will have fewer instances of tardiness and absenteeism.

Conclusion to Online Work Schedule

  • Online work schedules are the latest technology systems that can simplify the employee scheduling process.
  • Traditional methods of scheduling, such as manual data entry and spreadsheets, are too time-consuming and laborious.
  • Digital scheduling software makes scheduling easier and quicker, and will also boost accessibility.
  • Other benefits of using an online scheduler include mobile apps, team communication, and labor law compliance.

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