Employee Time Clock App for iOS & Android

Employee time tracking for managers and supervisors.

When you SIGN UP for Zip Clock, you and your team have access to our FREE employee time clock app on any iPhone, Android or tablet device.

With our mobile time clock, employees can track their own time and get reminded when it's time to clock in or out. Managers also have full visibility into time and attendance.

Track Employee Time On-the-go

Automatic labor rule alerts

Overtime breaches, break violations, and more time-related issues are costly to any business. Our employee time clock automatically sends your employees notifications to remind them to take a break or clock out so you don’t have to do it yourself.

Employee time clock app

Checking in on your business should be simple, not complicated. Picking up the phone to call managers takes time and distracts them from their most important priorities. With the mobile time clock app, you're in the loop on employee time tracking and labor law compliance.

Enforce the Weekly Work Schedule

Shift schedule enforcement

Tardiness and absenteeism affect any business. Enforcing the schedule is no easy task. With the Zip Clock time clock technology, you can let it enforce the schedule for you. Performance reports show you how well the employees have done following the work schedule.

Find shift replacements

When an employee misses a shift, it sticks you in a bind. Either stay short-staffed and risk your customer experience or find a replacement. The mobile time clock app lets managers find the best shift replacement instantly allowing business operations to continue smoothly.

Manage Employee Time Punches

Employee time tracking

Keeping track of employee time sucks a lot of time out of your day. With an automated time tracking system like the Zip Clock time clock, you don't have to keep track. With daily, weekly and monthly reports, it's easy to know how things are going.

Employee performance reports

It's always hard to tell who your most trustworthy employee are but with the time clock reporting provided with Zip Clock. you'll know which employees are excelling and which are lacking in the workplace.

Finalize Employee Payroll

Time punch audits

Zip Clock protects your business by storing a history of all employee time punches and edits. This way nobody can claim otherwise. If any time clock related issues occur, you'll know exactly who to talk to.

Payroll reporting

The payroll reporting can be reviewed on the mobile and web time clock applications. The reports can be adjusted for any overtime or break violations and easily imported into any payroll processing software.

Our mobile employee time clock app also includes...

Mobile Time Clock

Monitor your employee time from your phone. Stay alert and view real-time employee time clock information such as missing employees, daily store statitistics, and upcoming shifts.

Time Clock Reporting

Zip Clock's labor reports give you updates on where you’re losing money, and where employees are lacking and excelling in the work environment.

Biometric Time Clock Integration

Protect your business with the Zip Clock Biometric Time Clock Device, our solution to employee time theft. Easily control your labor costs.

Web based employee time clock software that simplifies time and attendance. Try it free for 30 days.