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How a Timesheet Can Help Your Business Grow?

With the use of a complete timekeeping system, you can achieve success through accuracy. Here's a look at how a timesheet can help your business reach its fullest potential.
how a timesheet can help your business grow

Different Types of Time clocks Which is Best for Your Business?

Time clocks are time tracking applications used by all types of businesses to track employee time and attendance. Here are the various forms of employee time clocks you can implement into your operations systems today.
different types of time clocks which is best for your business

Why a Time Clock is the Perfect Tool for Your Restaurant

A virtual time clock helps restaurateurs monitor their employees' clock in/out times, ensuring they are getting the most out of each employee's time worked. Here are all of the benefits to expect when converting to digital timekeeping solutions.
why a time clock is the perfect tool for your restaurant

How Biometric Time Clocks Reduce Employee Turnover

We're here to offer some advice that will not only keep you on track when it comes to budgeting but also save your business tons in labor costs. Here are the reasons why your restaurant should convert to digital timekeeping.
how biometric time clocks reduce employee turnover

6 Reasons Why Restaurant Owners Should Make Time Tracking a Priority

For those who may be apprehensive about making time tracking a priority, take a peek at this list for the top reasons why implementing a time clock into your restaurant is a necessity for your employees and your business.
6 reasons why restaurant owners should make time tracking a priority

The Complete Guide to Calculating Overtime Pay

When dealing with OT pay, care must be taken because if you don't comply with the labor laws, you run the risk of being fined or facing lawsuits. You also need to abide by these rules in order to treat your workers fairly and respectfully.
the complete guide to calculating overtime pay

9 Tips for Getting Your Employees on Track with Time Management

In order to get everyone on board with time tracking, you need to make sure that you address all concerns and explain how a time clock is necessary and beneficial to both the company and employees. Below are some useful tips on how to do so.
9 tips for getting your employees on track with time management

5 Advantages of Using Time Clock Software

If you're in the market for a better way to keep track of your employees while they are on the clock, then an employee time clock is for you. Here are the rewarding deliverables of what you can expect from implementing a time clock in your restaurant
5 advantages of using time clock software

Why Food Trucks & Small Restaurants Require Mobile Time Tracking

Gone are those days when paper or Excel timesheets were the one-stop attendance solution. Today, automating employee time and attendance can help in transforming the workforce management and bring about revolutionary changes.
why food trucks small restaurants require mobile time tracking

Making the Most Out of an Online Time Clock Calculator

Time clock calculators are very important, and they can make a huge difference to an organization. Here are the top reasons why you should implement an online time clock calculator in your business.
making the most out of an online time clock calculator

Prepping Your Small Business's Direct Labor Cost Budget

Learn about the importance of properly calculating a direct labor budget, how to do it, and how to synchronize it with a production budget.
prepping your small businesss direct labor cost budget

What's Legal? 8 Facts to Know When it Comes to Employee Tardiness

Employee tardiness can be frustrating to deal with, but what recourse can managers legally take? Here are 8 legal facts to be aware of when it comes to employee tardiness.
whats legal 8 facts to know when it comes to employee tardiness

What is Workforce Optimization? Why You Need It & Best Practices

One of the most effective ways to achieve efficiency is through the use of tools within workforce optimization, or WFO.
what is workforce optimization why you need it best practices

Employee Attendance- Problems, Policies, and Solutions

Learn how to best address the common types of attendance problems in the workplace.
employee attendance problems policies and solutions

Common Questions About Sick Leave and How to Address Them

Here are the most frequently asked questions surrounding employee sick leave and how to properly address them.
common questions about sick leave and how to address them

How to Manage Your Digital Workforce

When it comes to running a business, especially in an ever-evolving tech world, a solid digital workforce strategy is paramount. Here are tips on how to best manage yours.
how to manage your digital workforce

How Does a Biometric Scanner Work?

Learn all there is to know about how a biometric scanner works, and why these new, innovative devices are re-defining personal safety and security for individuals and businesses alike.
how does a biometric scanner work

How to Establish Time Clock Rules for Hourly Employees

Establishing time clock rules for employees can be a challenge. Here are the top tips for implementing policies in the workplace.
how to establish time clock rules for hourly employees

How a Biometric Time Clock System Reduces Labor Costs

With the help of biometric time clock systems, companies can look forward to increased efficiency, productivity, and financial solvency.
how a biometric time clock system reduces labor costs

Bridging the Gap between Workplace Efficiency and Labor Costs

7 useful hacks to improve efficiency in the workplace.
bridging the gap between workplace efficiency and labor costs