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Benefits of Adding a Time Clock to Your Time & Attendance Processes

benefits of adding a time clock to your time attendance processes
Michelle Jaco

By Michelle Jaco

Time is Money

The operations of the day-to-day functions of a restaurant can truly make or break this type of business. Running a restaurant generally takes a lot of work for all of those in a management or administrative position.

While the goal of these staff members is generally to ensure customers who come in for a bite or to have dinner are satisfied with both the food and service provided, there is much more going on behind the scenes.

One of the most critical factors that are important when it comes to managing a restaurant business is the organization of time. We are not referring to the hours of operation, but rather time management for your employees.

We are going to consider the potential drawbacks of relying on a dated employee time management system, versus the technologically advanced alternative that the top companies are utilizing today. By implementing an employee time clock system into a restaurant, we will explore the benefits that such a company can gain from this implementation.

Employee Time Management

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Employees are paid based on different frequencies, and there are many companies that tend to pay employees based on their performance and the number of hours that the employee has worked.

Restaurants make for a perfect example of a business where waiters, in particular, are generally paid based on how much they work. The more hours a waiter has on the clock, the more they will be paid, as wages are usually allocated on a per hour basis.

Employee time management generally refers to the implementation of a system, which can be inputted manually or completed with an automated platform, which assists in tracking the time that each employee spends clocked in and working. In this scenario, it would be the amount of time a staff member has logged at the restaurant.

The management of employee time also means being in control of how time is spent by each of the staff members. After each person is assigned a designated area to cover, as well as duties, it is important that they are made aware of their expectations, as well. This includes when they should arrive to work and when they can leave.

Adequate time management protocols implemented into the workplace can bring about numerous advantages, not only for the restaurant owner and the management staff but also for the employees.

Your customers will even benefit from this new system implementation, as there is no need to worry about orders being served in an untimely manner or tables not being waited on due to absent employees.

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How a Restaurant Benefits from Time Clock Technology

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There are several advantages that employers, including restaurants, can gain from implementing an electronic employee time clock system into their current business structure.

These systems greatly help to enhance the efficiency of tracking the time that employees spend in the workplace and can not only help to provide a more accurate overview of this data but may also serve as a tool to better comply with labor laws.

Let's consider some of the most important benefits that a company should consider when it comes to looking at whether or not a time clock may be the right fit for your restaurant.

  • Due to the automatic reporting system that usually comes with this type of software, real-time data can be provided to the employer in most cases. Whenever reports need to be created, up-to-date data will be available within these reports.
  • Reports can usually be customized according to the specific preferences of the employer, or to meet certain requirements. For example, the employer might choose to draw up a custom report that only shows the times recorded for a single employee. Alternatively, the employer may choose to extract a list of employees who are not working enough hours or those who have too many hours in a single week or month.
  • When an automated data collecting system is implemented alongside the time clock platform, the employee gains an added benefit of ensuring that all data will be accurate when a report is created. The accuracy of data is critical for a number of reasons in the restaurant industry, as well as for other types of businesses.
  • A reduction in labor costs is often one of the major benefits associated with the implementation of a time clock system for employees. Allowing staff members to record their own time may cause a loss in profits, due to inaccurate counting. When an automated system is used and times are recorded accurately, it becomes impossible for miscounting to occur.
  • The use of biometric systems in some of the employee time clock systems that are available today can further enhance the accuracy of time management in a restaurant setting. The employee would have to clock in using their fingerprint - this also allows the employer to determine when employees are coming to work late, or when they are clocking in too early.
  • Buddy punching can be eliminated with the use of a modern time clock system that is equipped with biometric technology. The employee's data will be recorded on the system, and only that single employee will be authorized to clock in at the specified time when their shift starts.

The Role of a Time Clock in Workplace Communication

Communication is often a problem in the workplace. Experts believe that poor communication is one of the leading issues that cause problems to develop in staff retention. In turn, poor staff retention can lead to a number of additional problems for the restaurant as a whole.

With 33% of people claiming that they would never dine at a restaurant that has a rating that is lower than four stars, it is critical to get communication issues out of the way.

One particular issue that comes to mind with poor communication would be missed shifts, or employees not clocking in or out at the right time. When an employee or multiple employees are logging an excess of overtime pay, then the financial status of the business can be substantially impacted.

The majority of the modern employee time clock platforms come with features that allow for better communication with employees. These systems often allow the employee to download software on their mobile device, which will help to enhance the employer-employee communication.

The software will be able to send a notification to the employee to remind them that a shift is starting soon or that the end of the shift is approaching, helping reduce overtime hours and ensuring all employees do get equal opportunity to work for an adequate number of hours for each shift.

In some cases, the software installed on the mobile device of the employee might be used to assist with the clocking in and out process. The app may also be able to remind the employee when they are scheduled to take a break - as this is a requirement by law.

Transitioning to an Employee Time Clock System

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Recent statistics show than an estimated 80% of restaurants in the United States are starting to rely on the use of more technological inventions. While this may include platforms that help customers place orders online, or perhaps setting up a reservation system, it is important not to overlook the role of an employee time clock system, which plays a part in the background management of the restaurant.

The process of switching toward one of these systems from a more traditional way of managing and tracking employee time is generally very simple. Most of the applications available today try to make things as simple and straightforward as possible, to ensure there will be no downtime for the restaurant and to get all employees on-board quickly.

Once the decision has been made, it is important for the restaurant owner and other management staff to consider the specific requirements that need to be met by the software. Since there are different software solutions available that offer this functionality, choosing the right one is important.

The individuals who will be responsible for getting this system in place should ensure the platform they opt for has experience in working with restaurants in the past. This will ensure that the software can be tailored for waiters and other staff members that will need to clock in and out on a daily basis.

It would also be a good idea to take a look at the specific features that are offered by the platform.

The following are features that restaurants might want to rely on if they decide to add an employee time clock system to their business model

  • Automated functionality to help reduce the need for input from administrative staff
  • Equipped with biometric sensors, such as a fingerprint reader, to make clocking in and out more secure
  • The ability to easily communicate with employees through a downloadable mobile application
  • A free trial offer can also be a useful preference, as this allows the restaurant to first give the software a try before making a final decision

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Millions of people work for restaurants throughout the US. Due to the constant change in shifts, time management is one of the most critical factors when it comes to assuring the success of these businesses.

While traditional time management systems are still used by some companies, switching to an employee time clock system can make things significantly easier by reducing labor costs and ensuring a business stays up-to-date with the latest labor law regulations.

Zip Clock is an online system that gives your restaurant access to the latest in employee time management, with four particular benefits in mind.

  1. The software focuses on helping to reduce labor costs
  2. Simplifies the tracking of employee time and attendance accurately
  3. Completely eliminates time theft
  4. Remain compliant with labor laws and with the payroll processes

Zip Clock comes with a free trial offer to give your restaurant an idea of what the software can do and how it works, providing a period during which you can test this program and see if it is the right solution for your company.

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