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How a Time Clock App Can Do Wonders for Your Business

how a time clock app can do wonders for your business
Michelle Jaco

By Michelle Jaco


Businesses are bound to adjust to changing situations and the external environment to remain stable and afloat. The application of technology in business processes is one of the factors that has tremendously changed the narrative of companies. Businesses that stick to the conventional way of doing things find themselves slowly fading away. This will always be the case since obsolete technology will always fall short as compared to advanced technology. One of the areas where this competitive advantage has been gained by some companies is from the use of time clock applications.

The applications used for time tracking labor in businesses are classified under management software because of the nature of its utility. They utilize smartphones; which are useful to very many individuals. Most of these applications are used for android operating systems but there have been few modified for iOS as well.

Software tracking systems are essential for the running of businesses. They simplify the norm of activities such as attendance and adherence to time. Time is a factor granted in equal measure for all types of businesses. Despite this fact, businesses whose management knows how to utilize time gain a very big leap towards success. Successful companies take time to grow. The type of decisions and level of productivity handled within a given period is what brings differences in business performance.

Growing a business requires skill and consistency. Time clock apps help make this possible in several ways. For instance, it logs employee attendance ensuring each employee works their full scheduled shift and that businesses are not cheated hours and money. This is just a teaser of its many advantages. It will be discussed in more depth later on.

To be exhaustive of the benefits to be accrued from using such applications, we will discuss all you stand to gain from the application, one by one. This article will help you understand further why this amazing phone application is relevant to your business.

Clock tracking mobile applications were developed to change the mode of recording attendance of employees in businesses. This is especially the case for service-based industries that are characterized by employee shifts.

Vivid examples include restaurants and five-star hotels. Employees of such establishments have schedules that govern when they should be in and out of work. Traditionally, this was often managed using time card punch clocks. Some businesses still rely on these but they are not as convenient because they have several flaws. Timecard punch clocks can be used to lie because buddy punching can be used. To be clear, buddy punching is when a friend punches the timer on behalf of another if they are late to show up for their shift when required. If this is done at the absence of the manager, he or she will be hoaxed and record inaccurate information. Assume this happens over an extended period, a significant amount of time will cumulatively be wasted. Such occurrences will certainly affect the overall performance of business establishments.

Most restaurants fail because they miss the mark about the salient role played by having accurate data about their employees. This kind of negligence may have minimal effect in small-scaled restaurants that have less than five employees. However, for a restaurant with many employees, such erroneous information is deemed very detrimental. The use of an accurate time attendance software comes in handy while keeping track of employees' adherence to time.

A time clock app is a software tool that is used to record the amount of time spent by each employee on tasks at the workplace. These applications can either be used on android or iOS cellphones.

They are web applications hence a user has to be connected to the internet to update and access services. It is a very efficient way to oblige by labor laws and keep your restaurant's affairs in order. Restaurants are in a very labor-intensive service industry.

For this reason, it would be wise to have such an application and maximize profit while safeguarding additional aspects of your business. It is imperative to take note that time clock applications can be customized for use in all types of businesses. Fortunately, these software tools can be easily integrated with payroll systems and management software.

Let us dig deeper into the benefits one stands to gain for using time tracking applications.

Boost Accuracy of Data

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As aforementioned, the accuracy of data collected affects the resultant effect on the performance of a business. This application is designed to automatically begin to track time spent immediately when an employee signs in on the application for their shift. The use of such time trackers ensures that employees become transparent in their affairs. Time will not be wasted in this instance which is very essential for the optimization of a company's productivity. Resultantly, the profit generated will increase as well.

The amount of management nitty-gritty of the conventional type of management will automatically reduce. The reason being, every time an employee punches in when they are in and out of work, the number of hours is recorded automatically and with accuracy. Integration of this system with the accounting process of your business is an extra advantage because it helps to generate timely reports. The process of a manual record of personal attendance will be a thing of the past if you use this effective business management software. Additionally, you will have happy employees because with the payroll being processed faster, they will have their money on time.

Time clock mobile applications are essential in recordkeeping. This is a task that would have needed an extra pair of hands. Moreover, this application is error-free which is contrary to human labor. Such efficiencies are the reason why time tracking applications such as time clocks are a worthy investment.

You cannot place a price on the value of confidence that the time clock application grants to supervisors, managers, employees. Managers will be certain about the accuracy of their records, storage, and data processing methods. On the other hand, employees will also have certainty about the accuracy of their hours and payroll. These two parties can live together in harmony because they believe in the system of the organization. This is a priceless factor. Don't you think so too?

A time clock app offers utility in diverse circumstances. This application can be customized to bring instill an edge of accuracy to the following processes.

  • Approval procedure for granting off-period requests
  • Accrue for each employee's vacation and sick time
  • Show obligatory commitment to labor laws concerning overtime and holiday

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Access of Information from Anywhere to Grow Your Business

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Time clock systems are functional while used on the internet platform. They automatically store data in the cloud to a central database. Therefore, information can be accessed ubiquitously. As a manager, you can easily know if everyone attended their shifts while on another engagement that is miles away. Such access significantly simplifies a manager's workload and ensures all activities will be consistently executed.

A time clock app have several advantages to its user's, one being the potential to grow as the business does. If you have a vision for your business and you know it will grow eventually, you should use a good time clock system. Time clock systems are scalable and aid in handling demands caused by the growth of your business. It will help cater for the adjustment strains associated with the growth of businesses.

Security of Time & Accountability

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Bet you have heard the common saying that time is money. The mode of time utilization in a business is a fundamental determinant factor of the success of any business. Unfortunately, time theft is prevalent which negatively affects the performance of many businesses.

This can be attributed to the destructive buddy punching behavior as aforementioned. In the majority of instances, this goes entirely unnoticed. Time clock applications can be customized to prevent time theft through the integration of biometric scanning, cameras, personal identification numbers, FOBs, the use of badges, among others.

This will give you absolute peace of mind in knowing that your restaurant will not lose time because of negligent employees. Despite the period of the business cycle, employees should always do what they are required to do at the scheduled time. Employee performance should never be compromised at any point in time.

The nature of businesses in context determines their view on time. For the production industry, the rate per hour is constant. However, the creative industry is slightly different. Creative companies value the price of the work accounting for the period required to finish the task among other factors. Time tracking applications are seemingly a necessity to boost profit maximization in both industries.

Integration of Biometrics for Authenticity

The use of biometrics is a revolutionary step ahead in assuring security. As it was stated earlier in the read, time tracking applications can be used in diverse businesses. If you want paramount security of attendance reports then biometrics is the optimal way out. Security measures such as FOBs, Badges, and PINs are more susceptible to security threats as compared to the use of biometrics.

The entire scope of biometric data can be scanned, is permanent, and succinct to every single member of staff. This technological feature allows organizations to put in place a threshold that requires an individual to elaborate any flaws found in the reported work during their shift period as scheduled.

You may be thinking that the adoption of biometrics does not display business acumen because of the cost versus benefit analysis. The narrative has changed for the better because of rapid technological advancement. The cost of a biometric system is now more affordable compared to year's past.

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Ease Decision Making Process & Employee Empowerment

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Making decisions is a must for every organization. However, some decisions are more complex in nature while some are more repetitive. Time clock applications can be customized to be used in decision-making processes. For instance; off time consent, vacation approval, sick leaves, healing periods granted, etc. This will enable the management to focus more energy on making the complex decisions of a company.

If time tracking application is used for an extended time then the employees will have the power to learn the art of time management.

The use of biometrics helps to boost the confidence of employees in the company. They are assured of the confidentiality about their time shifts and respective remuneration.

Time clock applications prepare timely and accurate data so employees are confident with what they are paid and that there will be no delays in payment.

The application also grants employees easier access to the personal schedules for work, leaves, off periods, and holidays. Such treatment cultivates an organizational citizenship behavior in employees. What this means is that your employees will feel as part and parcel of the company. Resultantly, they will have more incentive to be more responsible and productive at work.

A strong time clock app also helps to easily analyze the attendance and performance of employees. If people know that their performance at work will be subject to scrutiny, they will dedicate more effort and caution hence optimizing their productivity.

Time clock applications are geared to improve the quantity and quality of service delivery to a company. It empowers various aspects affecting employees and in the process boosting work execution and dedication to their employers.


If you are searching for a good time clock application for your business then you certainly place value on your time. This is a good start to maximizing the potential of any type of business establishment. As you have realized from reading this article, time clock applications do more for your organization than simply keeping track of time. The overall operations of a business or restaurant can be altered entirely by the type of time tracking application used.

Based on all the basic information highlighted above, it is safe to state that time clock applications are safe for every type of business with several employees.

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