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How Time Tracking Benefits Employers, Employees, & Customers

how time tracking benefits employers employees customers
Michelle Jaco

By Michelle Jaco


Gone are the days when business organizations whether small or large had to rely on time card punching machines to track their employees' on and off working hours.

Technology, in this revolutionary era, has strengthened every niche of business, which was once dull, prone to miscalculations and definitely time-consuming.

There are hi-tech gadgets, apps and software available to keep track of when employees punch in/out, attendance, and productive/non-productive hours, which help both employers and employees in terms of saving hours of scheduling, payroll, billable hours, labor costs, and time tracking.

If you're a business owner or manager, you can easily understand the importance of timekeeping software and the benefits related to this app. What if you're an employee?

Is it equally beneficial for you or it's just another annoying fatigue your bosses have imposed on you? Does this bother you in a sense that your employers won't trust you?

If you think so you're actually wrong.

A time clock app is not only convenient for business owners, but the application is also beneficial for employees and customers, as well.

Through accurate timekeeping, employees get paid every single penny for their work.

Here are the advantages of using an employee time clock app.

Identifies Standout & Underperforming Employees

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In many organizations, there are latterly two types of workers those who work hard and those who hardly work.

With a digital time clock, you can schedule specific tasks to employees and defer to the software to see how long it takes each employee to complete their delegated task or tasks.

It is commonly observed that employees generally take on their responsibilities and own the given task at hand, whereas slackers simply roam around, waiting to burn the clock and kill time. Those are individuals who simply working for the dollar and probably not someone you can trust with your business if not properly monitored.

Employees who take prolonged breaks or lunches or even multiple breaks are taking part in what is known as time theft. A time clock app eliminates the chances of time theft from occurring and further secures productivity be administered during working shifts by all employees.

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Transparency in Payroll Processes

As a matter of fact, it was not only the owner's side having issues of time theft, non-productive culprits, and slackers. Yes! When the hard workers and personnel putting their best efforts receive unexpected fewer payrolls, decreased billable hours due to clerical booboos or erroneous calculations would definitely get embarrassed and their morale would get down.

A transparent system in the presence of a time clock app will ensure the true worth of their time consumed throughout the month. Every person working in a facility can check the accurate record of their consumed hours on work thus ensuring transparency in payrolls.

Increases Efficiency & Productivity

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It's a common human instinct that most people try and do their best when they are being watched or closely observed.

However, for managers with a larger body of business, they cannot monitor all of their employees at a time. As a result, the efficiency and overall productivity of the organization fail.

With the help of a time tracking app, there's no need to install cameras in every corner of your restaurant to keep an eye on everyone, because everyone will already know his/her time is being tracked with the employee software. In the end, the application would increase the overall efficiency and productivity of all staff members.

There are also some free time clock app products available for a free trial period before committing to a subscription. It is highly recommended to go this route before committing to a plan. If you're able to see a noticeable increase in efficiency and productivity, then you'll know the software works.

Cost Effective & Time Efficient

To keep, manage, and update the records and information of employees and their work is pretty tedious and can be a tricky job. It can take hours and hours to complete, which keeps you away from tending to other important business needs.

Manual maintenance and logging of employee punch in/out times is costly and time consuming. It takes you away from your customers and managing the business, and the hours logged trying to track time and attendance is counterproductive.

So, why not simplify this process?

With a time tracking app, all the information would be auto logged without any chances of errors anytime and anywhere through the use of a mobile device or computer. Any information is just a click away, so no hours work required and no heavy budget consumption.

Online employee scheduling software that makes shift planning effortless.
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There used to be piles and piles of record keeping notebooks that presented each employees' amount of time worked. These notebooks were also probably filled with great log errors, wear and tear, and maybe even riddled with some food smudges and coffee stains.

With the presence of a time clock app, a paperless environment is way more beneficial for any organization and its workers.

Access Everywhere from Anywhere

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With traditional attendance software, only the time of employees working inside a facility where it is installed could be tracked and becomes useless when they are working outdoors, for something like a catering event that their restaurant is hosting.

A time clock app enables every employee working whether it be in-house or remotely the ability to track their working hours by clocking in/out on their mobile devices.

With this electronic time card, there is no need to rely solely on the information provided by word of mouth from the workers themselves.

Final Thoughts

A time tracking app is the best way to keep track of everyone's time, projects, and budget all in one place.

Whether your restaurant is just starting to get off the ground or you're in the process of starting a new business, you need every penny you can spare.

The ease of use and intuitive nature of the software can transform your internal controls to raise the level of the company in a safe and frugal way. Without any loss of data, documentation errors, and time theft your business is bound to improve more than ever.

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