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why using only the best time clock software is essential

Why Using Only the Best Time Clock Software is Essential

It's important to be wary of all of the available timekeeping software on the market and to be selective when choosing the best time clock products for your restaurant. Here are the reasons why investing in the best product will be worth your while.
how to remain compliant with overtime regulations

How to Remain Compliant with Overtime Regulations

As a business owner with employees, there are certain responsibilities that are mandatory to follow, that if not followed, your business could face legal troubles, such as fines and lawsuits. Here is how to avoid such penalties.
how a time clock app can do wonders for your business

How a Time Clock App Can Do Wonders for Your Business

Businesses that stick to the conventional way of doing things, using dated technology, find themselves slowly fading away. This will always be the case since obsolete technology falls short. An area that can be improved starts with the use of apps.
top benefits of an employee time clock in the restaurant industry

Top Benefits of an Employee Time Clock in the Restaurant Industry

With a biometric time clock, you can expect the most accurate read in employee timekeeping. Here are the top reasons why this time and attendance software solution is the best option on the market.
managing employee time and attendance with a biometric time clock

Managing Employee Time and Attendance with a Biometric Time Clock

A growing number of businesses are opting for biometric systems to keep accurate records of employee attendance. These digital solutions have automated time-tracking features that lower the possibility of time theft and associated labor costs.
how time card apps are helping businesses go mobile

How Time Card Apps Are Helping Businesses Go Mobile

Time card apps make it easier for businesses to track employee attendance and make accurate payrolls. Smartphone apps use biometric technology to build a record of labor costs in real-time, leaving a positive impact on the company's bottom line.
benefits of adding a time clock to your time attendance processes

Benefits of Adding a Time Clock to Your Time & Attendance Processes

One of the most critical factors that are important when it comes to managing a restaurant business is the organization of time. Here are the benefits that a company can gain from the implementation of employee time clock software.