Hospital staff Time Clock

Spend less time managing staff time and more engaging personell at your hospital.

Eliminate staff Time Theft

Keep your hospital staff alerted

It's a typical evening night, and your hospital is busy. This is when mistakes happen especially with labor rule breaches. The Zip Clock time clock app keeps your staff notified of upcoming breaks and clock outs.

Track your staff's shift schedule in real-time

Whether you're on-site or off, you should know what's going on. The mobile time clock app for hospitals lets you keep track of staff time ensuring that you are following labor laws. This also has the added benefit of helping you keep labor costs under control.

Stop staff Buddy Punching

Use our biometric time clock device

staffs cheat the system from time to time. Wage theft is a common occurrence for many businesses. Our biometric time clock stores staff fingerprint scans so buddy punching can't occur.

Save time and money by lowering labor costs

By eliminating staff buddy punching, you'll save on labor costs and increase staff productivity in the process. Get more out of your hospital staff with less.

Keep Your Payroll in Compliance with Labor Laws

Review and edit staff time punches

staffs forget to clock out sometimes when they're in a rush to get home after a long shift. The Zip Clock time clock software makes it easy to review staff time punches with the punch management report. The report will also let you quickly see all time clock violations with a report filter.

Apply additional pay for any labor rule breaches

At the end of each week or every other week, depending on your payroll period, easily apply additional pay for labor rule breaches before exporting to your payroll system.

Save time and money with the hospital enployee tine clock app.

Free Hospital Management Support

Our support team is only a phone call away. We want you to be successful in seeing the value of our hospital staff time clock software, so we help you whenever you need it.

Designed for Hospitals

Rather than building a hospital staff time clock solution that works 'ok' for industries across the board, we designed Zip Clock to work perfectly for hospitals.

Hospital Staff Management

Your staff gets notified when then start of shift, break, or clock out is approaching. Managers and supervisors can keep track of their hospital staffs time throughout the day.

Hospital Time Clock App

Always know your shift details with the free staff time clock app for hospitals. Be able to track staff time for anyplace at anytime so you known operations are smooth.

Hospital Time Clock Device

Use the Zip Clock biometric time clock to fully eliminate buddy punching. This one time purchase will make up for itself in the first 3-months with the time and money it saves.

Hospital Shift Schedule Tracking

See how well your hospital staff did in following their schedule with shift reporting tools. These useful insights will contribute to you saving time and money from additional labor costs.

Web based employee time clock software that simplifies time and attendance. Try it free for 30 days.