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The most trusted employee time clock software used by managers and supervisors all around the world.

"Zip Clock saves a lot of time and gives me peace of mind. I can monitor employees clock status from my phone instead of trying to track them down in the store. The clock dashboard tells me everything I need to know for example who’s on the schedule, who’s late, who’s supposed to be on break, and who needs to clock out."

— John Evard

Fresh Griller
Fullerton, CA
"Enforcing labor rules and evaluating employees adherence to the schedule before Zip Clock was a nightmare. Now I get the real-time employee performance data I need to manage my stores successfully. I can track employee time punches and then quickly publish payroll reports to import into my payroll processing service."

— David Markwell

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Costa Mesa, CA
"Zip Clock allows me as their supervisor to manage and track attendance. The mobile app gives me the ability to remotely track who is in the office, so I am never left wondering when or if employees are at work. I would recommend Zip Clock to anyone with a busy schedule who is in charge of supervising multiple employees."

— Justin Hardegree

Baylor University
Baylor, TX

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