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How to Create a QR Code for Restaurants

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Lauren Christiansen

By Lauren Christiansen

Why is Learning How to Create a QR Code Important?

With so many technological advancements, there are more abbreviations and terms in common discourse. This terminology can be confusing, particularly for those who are not technically savvy. One of these abbreviations is QR codes. So, what exactly is a QR code or QR code reader and how does it relate to restaurants?

A QR code is an abbreviation for Quick Response Code. These are square-shaped symbols that are in black and white. People can scan the code image into their phones to learn more about a specific product or service. More restaurants and small businesses are using QR codes as a way for customers to view menu options.

This became more popular after COVID-19 when menus were seen as less sanitary. While COVID-19 may be less prevalent, QR codes seem here to stay. More restaurants are investing in a code generator to generate QR images in-house.

However, code use isn't just for menu items. Restaurants can showcase links, event details, and promotions to customers. Customers can take this imagery with them, as it is scanned into their phones and automatically saved.

With the help of dynamic QR codes, restaurants can save money on menus, update items as required, and showcase a brand to customers. It's one of the many COVID-19 era trends that are here for the long haul. Read ahead on best practices to make QR codes.

How to Create a QR Code for Restaurants

QR codes are not the same as barcodes, which maintain key product data at a POS station. QR codes provide more insightful data, such as web pages to a specific promotion or a link to a menu. Japan created QR codes for the automotive industry, but businesses adopted them for other reasons.

QR codes can maintain large quantities of data and provide a great opportunity to showcase more information to customers. This may include menu items, advertisements, or product landing pages. But, how should a restaurant go about creating QR codes? Here are some best practices.

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1. How to Create a QR Code Select QR Code Generator

First, users need to pick one of the many QR code generators available. Examples include Kaywa, Visualead, QR Stuff, or QR Code Monkey. The majority of these are compatible with QR reader apps on smartphones.

Users should ensure a QR code generator can monitor and analyze performance. The generator should also allow users to create a code that aligns with the restaurant's brand. Some QR codes display icons that let consumers know exactly what type of information they will receive upon scanning it.

  • QR code generators increased in popularity from 21% in 2013 to 34% in 2017
  • 91% of iOS users have pre-built in QR scanners
  • 1 billion smartphone users will access QR codes by 2022
  • The majority of QR code users are between 35-44

2. How to Create a QR Code Choose Content

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Next, users should choose the content they need the QR code to display to an audience. Depending on the code generator, there are usually up to 10 different types. For example, a user may pick a URL that shows users how to access a specific promotion. Again, the restaurant should make sure that the generator they pick aligns with its specific content requirements.

3. How to Create a QR Code Enter Data in Form That Shows Up

After users pick the type of content, there will be a form that pops up. This form allows the user to input any information that relates to the campaign. For example, if a QR code needs to save a phone number or email address, there will be places to input this information. There's also a place to insert an associated message, so the audience knows why to put in contact information.

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4. How to Create a QR Code Download Dynamic or Static QR Code

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There is an option to download a static QR code or a dynamic QR code. With a static QR code, the user cannot change any information once the QR code is printed. A dynamic QR code allows for edits.

Certain code generators enable users to print a dynamic QR code and then scan it. They can then find a form that can be edited in case they need to change any data that the audience sees. If the restaurant plans to update content frequently, they should pick a dynamic code. If it's a one-time campaign, a static code may suffice.

5. How to Create a QR Code Customize QR Code

Now it's time for the user to customize the QR code so it aligns with the restaurant's brand. Users can personalize the code to showcase logos, company color schemes, or website layouts. However, not every code generator offers the same design choices and some apps are very limited.

Further customization options include adjusting color schemes, inputting social media icons, or adding a link to a website. Some customizations make it harder for reader apps to understand. Many users create a plain version and preferred design to ensure the audience can read at least one of them.

6. How to Create a QR Code Test It

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Mobile phones must be able to read the QR code. Restaurants should test the code on several readers to ensure the code works for most audience members. Tools like Google Goggles can take a photo of the code and see which devices can read it. Other code testers to consider include QR Code Reader or Apple's Passbook.

7. How to Create a QR Code Share and Distribute

There must be a marketing and distribution plan in place before sharing a QR code. This may require putting it on social sites, on restaurant tables, or in a print advertisement. Text instructions are also a good idea to ensure less technically savvy individuals know what to do. The overarching goal is to ensure as many people can access the code as possible.

8. How to Create a QR Code Monitor and Analyze Performance

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It's impossible to know whether any business goal is met unless there's a way to track its progress. The same goes for QR code campaigns. Here are some questions to ask.

  • How much traffic comes from each particular code?
  • How many individuals scan the code but don't purchase an item or use a promotion?
  • Are customers intrigued enough to scan the code? Is the code in a high visibility location?
Answering these questions allows the restaurant to adjust the campaign to meet performance expectations. Experts suggest including a UTM tracking code to optimize performance measurement. This is especially critical if the restaurant is accustomed to thorough reports for any ad campaigns.

Key Takeaways for How to Create a QR Code

In conclusion, here are the top steps to create a QR code -

  • Users should first choose one of many free QR code generators. Then, they should choose what type of content they want to upload.
  • Next, users should input any applicable information in the form that shows up. They should consider downloading a dynamic code or using a static code.
  • Users can customize the QR code so it aligns with the company brand. Then, they should test the code to ensure it is scannable on multiple devices.
  • Now it's time for users to distribute and share the QR code with an audience. They can then track the performance to make sure it meets expectations.

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