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Top Benefits of Using an Online Ordering System

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Lauren Christiansen

By Lauren Christiansen

What is an Online Ordering System?

The restaurant industry has evolved significantly in the last few years. As more data and communication moves online, customer expectations have shifted. Phone-based orders are now viewed as inconvenient and outdated among many younger patrons.

While online ordering has been popular for years, the pandemic further magnified this trend. Restaurants needed a way to stay profitable among crippling health regulations. Consumers wanted to eat their favorite foods but remain safe while doing so. Online ordering was a win-win for both the restaurant industry and consumers.

But, what exactly is an online ordering system and how does it work? Ordering systems enable restaurants to take customer orders and process transactions online or face-to-face. Patrons can view online menus with a QR code or if they type in a link in a search bar.

They can select their favorite menu items, submit the order, and then check out with a credit card. The restaurant receives the customer order through the system and then makes the food. An online ordering platform enables restaurants to take the food to a customer's table or deliver it directly. Or, the customer can pick it up at the restaurant.

An ordering platform makes the entire process much faster because everything occurs through a mobile device. It's easy to see why this was so popular during COVID-19. Restaurants could overcome labor shortages and save money, but remain open. While the pandemic may be coming to an end, online food ordering is here to stay. Read ahead to learn the other top benefits of a food ordering system.

1. Online Ordering System is Safer

Customers now expect a safer ordering experience. In many areas of the world, restaurants have to meet certain safety guidelines to remain open. This includes social distancing measures, contactless ordering and payment processing, and sanitizing surfaces.

Even small coffee shops and diners can easily enact social distancing measures and other safety precautions. With an online ordering platform, customers can order food and pay from home or at a seat inside. This ensures the restaurant can comply with safety regulations if required.

  • The number of in-person customers declined by 13% over the course of 2020
  • On average, restaurants laid off 91% of their hourly workforce and 70% of their salaried workforce during the pandemic
  • 61% of restaurant owners claim loans and incentives won't prevent layoffs
  • 56% of restaurants have approximately $50,000 in new debt due to COVID

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2. Online Ordering System Minimizes Errors

One great benefit of restaurant online ordering is that it minimizes the potential for human error. Pricing is always accurate and there are not as many issues when it's time for customers to pay the bill. This is because patrons must physically choose a menu item that corresponds to a specific price.

This ensures customers will always pay the exact amount they owe. This is also beneficial for the restaurant because it's less likely to charge incorrectly or make a mistake. This saves time, money, and increases customer satisfaction.

3. Online Ordering System Attracts New Customers

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Acquiring new customers is always the goal of every restaurant business. Since the pandemic, more customers expect to access a restaurant's online ordering system. When checking out and ordering food is simple and quick, regular customers tend to return. They will also be more likely to recommend the business to their friends and family. This increases the number of customers and improves customer loyalty.

4. Online Ordering System Improves Customer Loyalty

Customers keep coming back to a restaurant because it has something to offer that the competitor doesn't. While delicious food is one of the top motivators to remain loyal, reward programs and quick service are also a plus. A cloud-based, customized, website mobile app will encourage patrons to return.

Surveys show that 50% of customers will find a new restaurant if an online ordering experience is subpar. Furthermore, 73% of patrons expect a fully customized, easy use, digital online ordering experience. The best online ordering solutions allow restaurants to send online gift cards, request reviews, and inquire about feedback. All of this improves customer loyalty.

  • 50% of loyal customers have left their preferred company for a competitor who provided better service
  • 81% of customers trust friends and family the most for recommendations
  • A 5% increase in customer retention is approximately a 20% increase in profit
  • 90% of customers are likely to purchase more than once

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5. Online Ordering System Increases Customer Spend

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Increasing profits and decreasing costs became critical during the pandemic. Restaurants had to find ways to leverage customers' high use of digital products and tools. With online mobile apps, restaurants have a solution.

Studies show that customers spend more online because they have more time to pick what they want. Furthermore, customers aren't afraid to be judged when they order a delicious, gooey desert online. Individuals with special concerns or allergies can spend time reviewing ingredients. As a result, everyone tends to spend more money than if they ordered in person Higher customer spend equals higher restaurant profits.

6. Online Ordering System is Customizable

A restaurant's online ordering system can be easily personalized to meet user and business needs. Restaurants can showcase logos, use unique coloring, or find other ways to promote a brand. It's also easy to log in and adjust menu items with a few simple clicks. As images are more alluring than text alone, an online ordering platform is a great way to capture a customer's attention.

7. Online Ordering System Saves Money

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A regular in-person POS system comes with different fees that cut into the bottom line. An ordering app is much more cost-effective because it's entirely digital. In most cases, the only expense is a tiny processing fee on customer payments. As profit margins are already razor-thin in the restaurant industry, these savings can help cut waste.

  • 33% of consumers would be willing to pay a higher fee for faster delivery service
  • Restaurants can save up to 35% per order with the help of an online ordering system
  • 34% of consumers pay 50% more when ordering online
  • 87% of consumers who use online ordering systems claim it makes their lives easier

8. Online Ordering System Provides a Competitive Edge

A lot of smaller restaurants still don't have online ordering systems. They may have a restaurant website or an aggregator platform but have yet to take the plunge. With online ordering systems, restaurants have an advantage over these hold-outs. Owners can customize the app to showcase a brand and offer discounts and gift cards. This makes the restaurant stand out among the competition, which helps to increase profits.

Key Takeaways for Online Ordering System

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In conclusion, here are the top benefits of an online ordering system -

  • An online ordering system is safer than ordering face-to-face. It also minimizes the potential for human error.
  • An online ordering system attracts new customers and improves customer loyalty.
  • An online ordering system increases customer spend and is highly customizable.
  • Online ordering saves restaurants money and provides a competitive advantage.

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