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The Advantages of Using QR Codes on Table Tents

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Lauren Christiansen

By Lauren Christiansen

What is a Table Tent?

Small business owners always seek new ways to lure in potential customers. Traditional business models are no longer as effective in the digital age. Customers expect a unique experience that incorporates digital trends. On the flip side, restaurants already operate on razor-thin profit margins. Finding creative ways to meet changing consumers can help a struggling brand stay profitable.

Table tents are an increasingly popular way for restaurants to advertise and offer promotions. Everyone has probably seen a table tent at a trade show or inside a restaurant. A table tent is a custom table with retractable banners and two sides that slope down. Entrepreneurs use them to promote specials, give away business cards, provide presentation folders, and more.

A table tent may also show pictures of food or give company information, such as social media or a website link. Restaurants typically utilize them to promote special menu options, deals, or reward programs. Table tents are simple, convenient, inexpensive ways to upsell items and showcase a brand.

Designers use thick paper stock to make the table. This stock has already been printed and folded. Custom table tents are made to stand up on any flat area.

Lately, restaurants are placing QR codes on table tent printing. A QR code looks like a black and white code in a square box. Customers scan the code on their phones and are then redirected to a landing page. The page may include menus, additional information about the restaurant, or coupons. QR codes on table tents provide many advantages that help to optimize brand awareness and draw in new customers.

Top Advantages of Using QR Codes on Table Tents

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When restaurants implement a QR code campaign successfully, they can reap a whole host of benefits to reap. It's really quite easy to pull off. The best part about table tents is that they are unobtrusive, customizable, and fun to decorate. There's plenty of unique ways to incorporate a QR code or a QR code menu on this display. Here are the top ways QR codes on table tents will benefit a restaurant.

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1. QR Codes on Table Tents Enhance Visibility

With a strategically placed QR code on a table tent, customers will be intrigued. Why is it there? What kind of goodies might it lead to? Table tent operators can capitalize on this natural curiosity people.

Studies show that when people are around QR codes for a certain amount of time, they tend to scan them. This is a great way for restaurants to get a lot of people to see certain products and promotions at once. Furthermore, there's no need for annoying sales pitches, direct mail, or costly ads.

A relatively intrigued audience provides the space to discuss what customers want and value. This may include transparency in food ingredients, social responsibility, or more nutritional options. Anytime there's a chance to engage with customers on these issues, it's a net benefit for restaurants. Restaurants can use their QR codes to provide specific nutrition information, details on the supply chain, or specific cooking techniques. This makes customers feel more in tune with the restaurant's brand, which increases customer loyalty.

  • Offer loyalty programs
  • Offer gift card programs
  • Connect with food bloggers
  • Engage customers with locally targeted ads
  • Embrace Yelp and Yelp reviews
  • Create a Google My Business Page

2. QR Codes on Table Tents Saves Room

Most restaurants have a lot of customer touchpoints. There are menus, half-off deals, nutrition information, ingredients, and more. In short, there's a lot of information to tell customers about. With QR codes on table tents, restaurants can save a lot of room and still promote all that data. All without cluttering any space.

This is not just a simple way to consolidate all customer touchpoints in one area. QR codes on table tents offer restaurant owners greater flexibility and liberty. Rack cards, large format presentation forms, and yard signs take up a lot of room. While a QR code seems physically tiny and inconsequential, there are plenty of ways to hide information within it. Furthermore, QR format options enable users to use more detail and write longer brand stories. They can also incorporate logos or website info. Content options are limitless, and having enough space is never a concern.

3. QR Codes on Table Tents Provide a Way to Cross-Promote

QR codes aren't just for menus or promotions. There are numerous ways to talk about various aspects of the restaurant and related initiatives. When restaurants use QR codes on table tents, they can direct customers to whatever material they want.

This is a great opportunity to include social media information or display enticing photos of food. Restaurants can promote their core values or talk about what social issues interest them. Reward program promotions, loyalty point systems, or offers to special private events are other content options. There are numerous methods to cross-promote all material that may interest existing or potential customers.

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4. Restaurants Can Track Progress of QR Codes on Table Tents

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How can any owner know if a marketing campaign is successful if there's no way to track it? Thankfully, there are numerous metrics to track the progress of a QR code campaign. Users can review the location of scans, number of scans, date of scans, and time spent on scanned content.

This allows marketers to eliminate any inefficiencies in QR code campaigns, and capitalize on successes. For the best results, restaurants should ensure content is readable, scannable on all devices, and mobile-friendly. Frequent testing is also a requirement of QR code campaign optimization.

Key Takeaways for Table Tents

In conclusion, here are the top benefits of QR codes on table tents -

  • QR codes enhance visibility and entice potential customers.
  • QR codes on tent cards take up little space and allow users to upload unlimited content.
  • QR codes allow restaurants to cross-promote items and build brand awareness.
  • Users can track QR code campaigns to see how successful or ineffective they were.

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