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The Best Practices of Using an Employee Punch Clock

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Mary Kate Morrow

By Mary Kate Morrow

Best Practices for Using an Employee Punch Clock

Time clocks are essential to accurately perform time tracking processes and compensate employee hours appropriately. From buddy punching to compliance concerns, large and small businesses alike consider much regarding employee time tracking and recording. There are various best practices for time clocks that all business professionals should know about including-

1. Integrity

Buddy punching is a significant concern for clock systems where an employee decides to punch time in for another employee. Typically buddy punching occurs when an employee is running late or absent. A buddy punch is a serious time theft issue that influences both business time productivity and the pay period accuracy. Buddy punching does not occur exclusively on a physical time card and heavy duty time recorder clock systems.

Outdated clock systems like pyramid time clocks are not the only time systems susceptible to the buddy punching phenomenon. Both cloud based and online time clock software are also susceptible. This applies to a time clock app and mobile time tracking software as well.

Unfortunately, private information like usernames and passwords employees use can be easily messaged to another coworker. With more advanced business time tools available than ever before there are some great options for time theft deterrent. Examples include clock systems with time theft guards like biometric time clocks. Biometric time clock systems are a time recorder option that uses unique personal identifiers like facial recognition or fingerprint.

There are employee time concerns that exist even with the best clock systems in place. For example, a common occurrence is that an employee clocks time in or out incorrectly. However, large and small businesses must nevertheless compensate even when an employee clocks time in or out inaccurately. The duty time related tasks demands is that employees must still be paid for hours worked per pay period guidelines. While pay period deductions are not allowed, management can apply alternative disciplinary measures as detailed in the employee handbook.

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2. Accuracy

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An estimated 33% of United States employers commit payroll errors. In fact, pay period errors account for an estimated 1-8% of total payroll! Both large corporations and small businesses must recognize pay period errors result in significant labor costs over time. Investing in the best tools and time systems may not completely stop pay period errors, but will likely decrease them.

Previously, heavy duty time systems like pyramid time clocks might round up employee time to the minute. Of course, a time card requiring a date stamp applied by a time recorder device has some accuracy. However, a time recorder punch clock that needs to print time via document stamp does not supply the full picture. A cloud based and online time system supplies much more accuracy and specificity. Many small businesses have already discovered how much more accurate hours worked are when using the right tools.

3. Efficiency

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Efficiency has increased as time clocks and time recorder technology have progressed. Small businesses and large corporations requiring that employees use outdated employee time tools will likely notice decreased efficiency. If employees use a time card that requires a document stamp from punch clocks they risk punch clock malfunction. Additionally, time cards can easily be damaged or misplaced.

Newer employee time technology addresses inefficiencies spanning from pay period processes to attendance. For example, punch clocks do not address time tracking nor employee scheduling requests. Employee hours requested off would necessitate employees submit a request separate from the time recorder system. Cloud based and online time clock systems may easily let employees use time clock software for these requests. Even a small business owner can view and track employee time off requests in real time with this technology.

The ability to view employee time information in real time massively benefits pay period and management efficiency. Human resources professionals and employers can view real time hours worked whenever desired. Many small businesses know how difficult it is to perform time tracking on a time recorder spreadsheet. With many new time systems offered, an employee clocks time in and out with minimum effort. No need to print time records out for review during pay period processes, software can track employee hours worked automatically. A time clock software or a time clock system can help all staff optimize hours worked and increase business efficiency.

Key Takeaways for Employee Punch Clock

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  • Employee punch clocks have long been used as a time recorder option.
  • Best practices for employee time systems range from accuracy to integrity.

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