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How to Use Employee Time Tracking Excel Templates

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Mary Kate Morrow

By Mary Kate Morrow

Using Excel to Track Employee Time

Some businesses use Excel templates for their time tracking needs. When businesses use Excel for a timesheet template there are various potential advantages and disadvantages to be aware of. One advantage of a Microsoft Excel timesheet is that it can transfer information directly to other programs. One disadvantage is that template time entry may not be as secure as other time tracking methods.

The best time tracking tools make Excel time tracking capabilities less impressive. However, Excel templates may be an option for businesses not ready to invest in or implement comprehensive time tracking software. Steps to use an Excel template for employee time tracking include-

1. Select the Excel View tab and choose the Freeze Panes option. Then, select Freeze Top Row to hold a row during scrolling.

2. Name column headings by categories such as billable hours and any hours overtime worked if relevant. End column headings listing total hours worked daily and weekly hours worked last.

3. Pick the favored date format for tracking time by clicking the column A header and choosing all cells. When all cells are selected, open the dialog box located at the bottom of the Number group. Then, click the Date item.

4. Choose the header for column B and then Shift click the header of the preceding time tracker column. Enter Time dialogue box from the Number group and apply the format listed as 1-30 PM. This action will make sure the time tracking spreadsheet displays employee hours with daypart indicators.

5. Select the daily time total column and Shift click to weekly total hours to choose all column cells. Then, click the Number dialog, choose the Custom item, and enter in the Type field- [h]-mm. This action will make sure employee hours can exceed beyond 24 hours and present accurate weekly total hours worked.

6. Select daily hours time tracker cell. Enter the = sign to insert a formula Click end of day clock out cell. Add location to formula with a - sign. Then, click the clock in cell, select Enter, and finish the formula. This action will make sure to automatically subtract clock out and clock in times.

7. Click weekly timesheet hours worked row and type =SUM. Click daily time tracker and pull down until reaching cell in row 6. Make sure to enter a closing parenthesis to complete the formula.

8. Click and drag the first row 2 cell through the weekly timesheet total in row 6. Position the cursor at the lower right edge of the last cell. When the cursor displays a + symbol, drag until row 261 is hit. This action will make sure a year of rows is established.

9. Double click the Excel timesheet title table and name it. Then, enter the first employee's name to begin tracking time worked.

10. Finally, select the intersection of employee timesheet numbered rows and lettered column headers in order to select all data. Then, copy to the clipboard and select + next to the current time sheet to enter a new time sheet template.

Tracking time via an Excel template can obviously require some extra effort. However, some professionals may decide to track employee total hours worked using Excel time templates. Ultimately, the cleverest business professionals use time tracking software that requires less time and supplies easy use capabilities.

The Importance of Software for Tracking Time

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After using Excel long term, many professionals are happy to find specific time tracking software. Instead of employees utilizing Excel templates to enter time and track hours worked, time tracking software automates many processes. Employee time tracker software shows hours worked in real time and will make sure to record employee hours accurately.

From overtime hours to billable hours recorded, businesses use time tracking software to make sure compensation or invoicing goes smoothly. When regular hours and billable hours are clearly differentiated, fewer billing and pay period discrepancies are likely to occur. Total pay and billable hours miscalculations can cost both money and future business.

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Key Takeaways for Employee Time Tracking Excel Templates

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  • There are various time tracker options available ranging from Excel templates to employee time tracking software.
  • Time spent creating and maintaining an Excel timesheet template may cost businesses more money in the long run.

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