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Building a Better Understanding of Employee Time Tracking

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Mary Kate Morrow

By Mary Kate Morrow

Why is Employee Time Tracking Important?

Proper employee time tracking is critical for business success for many significant reasons. Employee time tracking influences project management and time management processes. Employee productivity and employee monitoring are simplified through time tracking software. Without proper employee time processes, a small business or large corporation may struggle to compensate employee hours accurately.

The best time tracking tool is exceptional for employee monitoring initiatives. Employee monitoring is often concerned with employee time spent in the workplace. A time clock and tracking app can highlight idle time spent per user or per month easily. Tracking time encourages employee productivity by providing insights on time spent per user for team members and management. Features time tracking tools offer include real time updates via mobile app or accessible online. A time tracking solution should not be used to micromanage, but instead to promote time management and employee productivity levels.

A small business or large corporation can better understand employee scheduling requirements with the best time tracking solutions. For example, time clock and tracking software may indicate overtime taken by team members per month is too high. As a result, a small business may conclude that hiring additional team members is necessary.

The best time tracking system allows a small business to track time and make sure employee hours are best spent. Tracking employee time spent on the clock can help employees manage time more efficiently. Better time management supplied through a tracking solution results in less idle time per user and hours worked optimized. Additionally, better time management results in more free time available for important tasks. Ultimately, the benefits tracking time grants small business owners make investments in the best time tracking solution well worth it.

How to Track Employee Time

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There are various time tracking solution options available for a small business or large corporation to use. Tools like the time clock and time card are typically widely recognized. The time card and time clock are not new to the business world. Now a time card version can be observed as a wall mounted card swiper that registers employee identification cards. If team members can swipe a credit card they can also use a wall mounted time card reader. However, these time cards are still not the best option for remote workers and are buddy punch susceptible.

Thankfully, software time tracking solutions have revolutionized tracking employee time. Some attendance software and tracking software providers have transitioned to mobile app compatibility. Now team members can easily access an app time management solution or free time tracking tools. If time tracking software or tracking apps demand too much time or lack easy use capabilities they may be counterproductive. As such, team members and management must identify, invest in, and implement the best time tracking solutions possible. Best practice tips for tracking time most effectively include-

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1. Automation

Automatic time tracking tools are accessible for many small business owners and team members. Automatic time tracking software and tools can reduce errors in time entries of team members. Everything from project management to the ability to run payroll effectively is influenced by time entries being accurate. Both paid time and billable hours are benefited from automatic time tracking solutions.

Automatic time tracking helps both a small business and a large corporation with compliance. Businesses can make sure that free time off is supplied to team members in accordance with regulations. Proper time tracking can bypass fines and even potential prosecution that employee time compliance violations can produce.

2. Compatibility

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The best time solutions are compatible with other software and tools. Desirable compatibility could range from employee scheduling to project management programs. Time tracking software and time tracking tool compatibility benefit a variety of business functions. From human resources needing to run payroll to project time management, the best time tracking solutions present easy use compatibility.

3. Accessibility

Mobile app accessibility is must have for many businesses tracking employee time. A traditional time clock or time card can be difficult to keep track of. Even online time tools like tracking software or attendance software on a desktop may not be the best time tools. Mobile apps let employees track time with more advanced features like GPS tracking offered. Mobile app accessibility is especially valuable for team members working remotely. Remote workers appreciate simple time tracking tools and businesses appreciate their real time visibility.

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Key Takeaways for Employee Time Tracking

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  • Proper employee time tracking supplies many benefits to team members and business owners.
  • Case studies reveal more businesses than ever before use time tracking software and tools to increase workplace efficiency.

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