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The Top Ten Best Benefits of Time Keeping Apps for Business

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Mary Kate Morrow

By Mary Kate Morrow

10 Key Reasons Why Time Keeping Apps are Beneficial

Everyone from a small business owner to a project management professional must recognize that employee time is important. Knowing how team members use time while at work helps businesses make sure work hours are time spent well. As such, time tracking is considered a crucial component of the larger time management process.

Time keeping apps offer a wide range of benefits for both a small business and a large corporation. From the best time tracking software to a simple time clock app, there are many different tools available. If large or small businesses are uncertain what mobile app or tracking software is best they can try free trials. With so many free trial options available, businesses should make sure to thoroughly investigate the best time tracking software choices. 10 benefits for a small business or large company that decides to use time tracking apps, tools, and software include-

1. Automation

Ironically, employee time can be even further wasted if an improper time tracking solution is implemented. For example, if team members need to use a clock app to start timer functions excessively. The need to pause activities to start timer functions can easily require too much time and break focus. Alternatively, the best time tracking app supplies automatic time tracking features. With automatic time tracking features, team members can stay focused throughout work hours and spend time more effectively.

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2. Productivity

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Employee productivity is a top concern for many small businesses and large companies. An easy use mobile app and tracking software can encourage team members to start tracking time spent. Time tracking software helps business owners and team members identify any problem areas and track employee time trends. Even a simple time tracking app supplies team members insight on how their work time is spent.

3. Capacity

Excellent employee time management necessitates understanding capacity. A lack of understanding regarding capacity makes it difficult to estimate a small business or large company's sustainability. The ability to properly understand capacity affects everything from project time management to customer support processes. Thankfully, the best time tracking app permits management to gain a thorough understanding of capacity.

4. Assessment

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The best time tracking apps generate reports regarding clients and their associated projects. Report data helps businesses make more informed decisions concerning which clients to prioritize. Especially when a business is nearing capacity, understanding which clients produce the greatest value is vital.

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5. Communication

Businesses want to understand how team members communicate with one another. Businesses also want to understand how team members are communicating with customers. As such, employee communication is a hot business topic. Employee communication influences everything from project management to employee scheduling processes. From customer support to discussions between team members on staff, great communication is crucial.

The best time tracking apps streamline communication, hosting one place for all time management conversations. Both remote teams and job site employees can easily access a real time cloud based tracking app chat. Needing to keep track of multiple management software chats can quickly become counterproductive and disorganized. Real time updates makes easy time management communication between remote teams and job site employees possible.

6. Accuracy

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Providing a client an invoice that contains incorrect billable hours can significantly damage a working relationship. In some instances, inaccurate billable hours or hourly rates can even result in losing a client forever. Automatic time tracking helps large and small businesses avoid hourly rates or billable hours mistakes. The best time keeping tools help businesses maintain their reputation, and convert one time customers into lifelong clients.

7. Billing

An easy use time tracker that displays billable hours and hourly rates in real time is beneficial for billing processes. Estimating billable hours is particularly helpful when establishing rates for discounted customers. Additionally, some customers prefer to pay hourly rates per month while others prefer one time project time payments. Customers paying per month or a one time payment can both be easily addressed with the best time keeping tools. The best time tracker helps to develop and maintain trust between clients and a company. Tracking project hours and expense tracking encourage one time customers to become long term clients.

8. Control

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One time management mistake that is commonplace is a failure to track employee non billable hours properly. Both a small business and large corporation should make sure billable hours and nonbillable hours are accounted for. Thankfully, the best time tracking software will keep track of both billable and non billable work hours.

9. Project Management

Proper time tracking is crucial for project management capabilities. As such, a small business owner or project management professional must make sure to keep track of project time accurately. The best time tracking software makes it much easier to perform a range of project management functions.

Even simple time tracking capabilities help improve the way employee time is spent and project management processes. For example, let's say team members need to start timer clocks separately in order to record project time individually. Then, those team members must commit an excessive time spend to add up work time totals. Alternatively, the best time tracking apps calculate total project time effortlessly.

10. Profitability

One time management benefit tracking apps offer is increased work time profitability. When small businesses and large companies can keep track of team members in real time profitability can stay prioritized. Real time accessibility will indicate when team members can use time more productively. Time management best practices can then be quickly implemented to avoid further time spend issues.

Key Takeaways for Time Keeping App

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  • Employee time tracking is a crucial component of broader time management processes.
  • Significant benefits of properly tracking time range from increased productivity to more accurate billing.

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