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The Advantages of Using a Web Based Time Clock

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Mary Kate Morrow

By Mary Kate Morrow

Why You Should Use a Web Based Time Clock

Both a small business and a large company can benefit from a web based employee time clock. Web based time clocks are employee time tools that allow access from particular locations. Employees use online time clocks from authorized locations in order to clock time in and out.

Previously, a small business or large corporation needed to use time tracking tools like manual time card punches. Inefficient manual time tracking tools influence more than employee time tracking processes. In fact, everything from attendance tracking to labor costs is impacted by online time tools. Anticipated advantages for a small business or large company looking to use a web based time clock solution include-

1. Accountability

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Excellent employee time management necessitates accountability from business owners and team members alike. Thankfully, time tracking and attendance software can boost employee accountability significantly. Self service employee time tools allow team members and business owners to view real time employee hours worked. As such, an online time clock promotes transparency between business owners and team members on staff.

Time theft is a big problem for employers in the United States and abroad. In fact, time theft is estimated to claim 20 cents of every dollar a large or small business earns! Unfortunately, every large and small business is vulnerable to time theft ranging from buddy punching to online time theft.

Biometric time clocks are a clock solution to decrease buddy punching as well as time theft more broadly. A biometric time clock solution uses a personal identifier like a fingerprint to confirm hours worked by an employee. Biometric time clock mobile app developments even let employees clock in using a mobile device remotely. Mobile apps and mobile device check ins may also use GPS location technology for further accuracy.

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2. Management

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The ability to easily track hours worked by every employee makes it much easier to manage employees on staff. Rather than tracking employee hours manually, time tracking and time clock software can do so automatically. Real time accessibility allows small business owners or management professionals to quickly address any time attendance issues.

The ability to access the best time tracking software and mobile apps in real time are important. A small business owner or management professional can use mobile apps to track employee time from practically anywhere. As a result, a small business or large corporation can more easily manage employee time and attendance.

Attendance management and employee scheduling are positively impacted by web based employee time solutions. For example, scheduling time is likely much more complex if a business owner needs to keep track of multiple locations. Tracking employee time is much easier with the advanced features time tracking tools offer. For example, generating reports previously necessitated cooperation from various different business departments. With the best time tracking tools management can generate real time reports with minimal time spent and effort used.

3. Productivity

Ineffective time tracking can ironically result in unnecessary labor costs and lost employee productivity. An online time clock solution helps make sure employee time is used most productively. Investing in and implementing excellent employee time and attendance tracking software allows the entire business to be more productive.

Employee time tracking tools that are compatible with other software system programs majorly increase overall business productivity. For example, software system compatibility between payroll software and online time tools. Instead of employee work hours needing to be entered into payroll software manually, software system compatibility streamlines the entire process. Everything from paid time to unpaid free time off taken is accessible to small business owners or relevant management professionals. Compatibility with scheduling software can make sure scheduling time is as productive as possible. In turn, better employee scheduling and payroll processes can decrease labor costs significantly while boosting employee productivity.

Key Takeaways for Web Based Time Clock

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  • A web based time clock is a great option for both a small business and a large corporation.
  • An easy use web based time clock can increase accountability and productivity for everyone on staff.

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